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Doug Sorensen
Doug Sorensen, Senior Partner


Hi, I'm Doug Sorensen, senior partner of Sorensen Media Strategies™ and I want to welcome you! Feel free to call me personally when you are ready to take your media operation to the next level.



Sorensen Media Strategies™ brings to its clients more that thirty years of expertise in television & radio broadcast technology, production and strategic business development for the media business sectors. We are very good at identifying and refining an organization's core purpose and vision and transforming these into quantifiable objectives and measurable results. Equipped with these metrics and measurement processes, a business operation applies our methodology and project management for navigating toward achievement of its goals in profitability, differentiation from its competitors, market share and innovation.

We engage with our clients in the practice of strategic analysis, technology requirements, business modeling, international business development, project management and feasibility studies. We work with both domestic organizations seeking to refine or grow their operations and markets and with offshore companies seeking joint venture opportunities with US media originators, distributors and aggregators.

We also passionate about assisting 501(c)(3) charitable and religious organizations seeking to expand or refine their overseas operations and mission objectives.


About Sorensen Media Strategies™

Sorensen Media Strategies™ specializes in television, video, streaming, play-out and distribution and media production facility architecting. Sorensen Media Strategies™ is facilitating the growing move in the industry for producing original content in international venues for live audiences in North America. We help television and media companies in small and medium markets gain competitive advantage through leveraging their core competencies across domestic markets as well as the collaboration, content creation and distribution opportunities in international markets.

Sorensen Media Strategies provides technology services including system infrastructure audit, engineering and design services, quality control, disaster recovery, turn-key system integration and training. These technical and engineering services may be offered independently of or in conjunction with a business engagement.


Sorensen Media Strategies™ Business Recovery Services

Many distressed and underperforming television broadcast properties find themselves overwhelmed by today's economic challenges combined with game-changing shifts in technology, content creation, viewer expectations and delivery infrastructure. Along side of the programming offered by local broadcasters there are now hundred's of cable and satellite channels vying for viewers' attention. It is more and more difficult for a local broadcaster to differentiate his programming in a given market or demographic.

Sorensen Media Strategies™ takes executive leadership positions in it's clients' operations, marketing and content production to form actionable recovery and growth strategies. We do this through a variety of engagements including simple vendor consulting and advisory or, in certain cases, joint venture, equity or structured consulting fees.

It is always a sad story when a TV broadcaster or video media company fails. Failure impacts not only the owners but also the audience, advertisers and vendors who loose payment satisfaction of invoiced services. We believe that there are many cases where a distressed media property can recover from failure and once again prosper. Often, vendors and investors are willing to make concessions and restructure debt during a recovery execution in order to realize a return on their receivables.

The reasons why most small and medium market television broadcast and media companies begin to fail are usually found in one or more of the following categories.

  • Loose sight of their core competency.
  • Unable to consider alternative solutions for monetization of content and services.
  • Unable to realize the total aggregate potential of the business's technical, human and relational assets.
  • Slow or unable to adapt to changes in demographics in one's market.
  • Fail to produce content attractive to their core audience
  • Loose sight of how to maximize revenue generation from their primary audience.
  • Fail to create strong differentiation from their local competitors.
  • Inability over the past five years to make investments in capital equipment and technology in order to play-out and broadcast a clean, quality product equal to or better than your competitors.
  • Fail to change focus from being a rebroadcaster to a distinctive content originator.
  • Unable to adapt to or maximize the changing program delivery technologies viewers are embracing.
  • Unable to relate to your operation as a business rather than a hobby!
  • Unable to "fix up and sell." Sometimes the best solution is maximizing valuations for sale to a buyer who sees more potential that you do!

Although other factors will contribute to a company's problems, we often begin our analysis with these areas.


The Future Looks Good: New Opportunities Await

The outlook remains good for television properties with the right operational strategy, content creation, content packaging, cost structure, multi-screen delivery and revenue and advertising model. In many cases, the future points to collaboration and integration with international broadcast partners, content and distribution.

Local market TV stations continue to maintain and operate the best and sometimes the only infrastructure for covering local events, live on-location shows and news and traffic coverage. These are key assets that ought to be leveraged for maximum utilization and profit.


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