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Digital Media, Broadcast Television, Radio and International Distribution

Targeted Business Services

→ Critical Rethinking of Your Business Model: New venture “vision-casting”

→ Understanding your business or your business concept: New venture feasibility studies and assessments

→ Thinking Beyond Your Experience and the "What if?" Challenge: Process modeling and scenario study

→ Quantifiable Objectives, Measurable Results: Make an effective execution plan

  • The Comprehensive Business Plan with Financial Pro-formas
  • The Comprehensive Marketing Plan
  • The Operations Plan
  • Analytics: Measurement and mid-point correction


Television and Streaming Media Specific Services

→ Advertising is Not Enough Anymore! Identifying and deploying new Revenue Strategies

→ The Importance of Change Management While Recasting the Business in an Environment of Disruptive Technologies.

→ Identifying and Building Competitive Advantage In a Global Media Market

→ Holistic Business Continuity: It's more than power, data and content backup. Protect your most important assets: your employees and your proprietary "know-how."

→ Rethinking Content Acquisition, Content Management and Content Distribution: It's the digital supply chain.


Streamlining Operations and Controlling Costs

→ Are You Building an Empire or Focusing on Your Core Competency? Identifying and choosing outsourcing options

  • Content Acquisition and Production
  • Media Content Library and Rights Stewardship
  • Engineering and Support Services
  • Infrastructure
  • Automation and Play Out
  • Traffic Management
  • Distribution
  • QoS Monitoring and Assurance
  • Customer Support


Going Global: North America has about 30% of world television market revenues but only 9% of worldwide TV households! That revenue share will continue to decline as the Asia-Pacific economies strengthen.


Worldwide TV Households

→ Acquisition and integration of original multi-cultural, off shore content

→ Moving into international markets and growing international market share

→ Identifying and managing international strategic partners

→ The joint venture as a tool for leveraging strategic partners


Convergence and Transformation

→ Leveraging Over-The-Top and IPTV content distribution

→ Advantages of multi-channel and multi-lingual content and distribution

→ Understanding your international, multi-cultural audience

→ Mixing News With Lifestyle TV: New ways to achieve higher retention rates and audience loyalty.

→ Boutique TV: How to identify, grow and monetize boutique audiences


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